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Services Offered
Systems Engineering

Elicit and translate client needs into clear and concise requirements to which systems and subsystems can be architected and designed. Develop project artifacts such as software/system specifications, use cases, requirements traceability matrices, and interface control documents.

Document, analyze, trace, and prioritize requirements in accordance with client objectives and constraints. As requirements change, impact assessments are performed, stakeholders are notified, and appropriate updates are made to system and subsystem requirements.

Requirements Development
Requirements Management

Research problems, plan solutions, perform system and sub-system analysis, and confirm various aspects of system design to ensure proposed design meet requirements. Develop system and subsystem models to understand and communicate system behavior.

Systems Analysis
Software Engineering

Modify existing software to correct bugs. Implement enhancements to include additional features, capabilities, and performance improvements.

Software Maintenance

Write, test, debug, and maintain source code for both commercial and government client applications and systems.

Software Development

Perform problem solving and plan for platform-independent or platform specific software solutions. Consider aspects such as compatibility, extensibility, and maintainability while architecting the system. Develop design documention using industry leading methods.

Software Design
Engineering Support

Design, create, and maintain technical documentation for software-based systems. Services include user guides, online help, white papers, and training materials.

Technical Writing

Administer Rational DOORS and RequisitePro databases for large complex systems. Services include creation and management of project structures, traceability matrices, customized scripts, and user/group access/permissions.

Reqt's Tool Administration

Systems and Software Engineering Services

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